20 years of responsible tyre recycling

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The core players in the tyre industry established Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd in 1995 to fulfil the recycling obligation based on producer responsibility. We take care of tyre collection and recycling comprehensively, fairly and efficiently on behalf of our producer members.
280 tyre producers and 2,900 collection points (by 1 August 2015) have joined the recycling system organized by Finnish Tyre Recycling. We are the only producer association currently in the producer register, which means that we also receive tyres for recycling from producers which are not members of the producer association. 
Annually, approximately 50,000 tons of tyres reach the end of their life in Finland, and in practise, all of them are collected and recovered for a variety of purposes in accordance with the principles of waste hierarchy. In recent years, the recovery rate has been close to 100 percent.

Take care of your tyres

Responsible consumers take care of their tyres with safety and the environment in mind. You can return your old tyres for recycling free of charge to any Finnish Tyre Recycling collection point without a purchase obligation. We will give your tyres a new life.

Latest press releases and articles

Consumers active tyre recyclers

PRESS RELEASE 8/31/2015. Finnish Tyre Recycling’s collection network has accepted 23,602 tonnes of end-of-life tyres in January to June this year, which is 14.9 per cent more than in the corresponding months last year. New tyre sales are also showing a positive trend; thus, it seems that drivers are investing in tyre safety despite the recession.

Weights balance tyres

RENKAANKIERRÄTYS 1/2015. When the steering wheel starts shuddering, it’s time to head to a tyre store. The steering wheel vibrates and seat trembles. A familiar feeling at 80- to 100-kilometre speeds for many drivers. As per usual with symptoms, you should not put up with them for too long; quick response to the problem spares the car and the driver.


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The pioneers of producer responsibility. Tyre recycling in Finland, Sweden and Norway, 2014.
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