Recycling based on producer responsibility

Tyre producers must either take care of the recycling of the tyres they bring to the market independently or transfer their producer responsibility on agreement to the producer association. In addition to tyres, the producer responsibility covers six other sectors in Finland.

The term tyre producer refers to the professional manufacturer, importer or retreader of tyres or of vehicles and equipment supplied with tyres. The producer responsibility concerns the tyres of vehicles, construction machinery and equipment designed to be used on land.

The recycling system is expected to provide an extensive collection network and a recovery rate of a minimum of 95 per cent of the tyres the producers bring to the market. The collection network must include a minimum of 350 collection points, at least one in every municipality.

Finnish Tyre Recycling is the only tyre producer association in Finland at the moment. We offer our producer members a full producer responsibility service. The rights and responsibilities of the parties are stipulated in a shared producer agreement in our association.

The Pirkanmaa ELY Centre can assign a penalty payment for negligence to a company that has failed to fulfil its producer responsibilities. The penalty payment is one per cent of the company’s turnover for the previous financial period or a maximum of €500,000.