Press releases

31.08.2015 Consumers active tyre recyclers

Finnish Tyre Recycling’s collection network has accepted 23,602 tonnes of end-of-life tyres in January to June this year, which is 14.9 per cent more than in the corresponding months last year. New tyre sales are also showing a positive trend; thus, it seems that drivers are investing in tyre safety despite the recession.

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21.04.2015 Kuusakoski continues as Finnish Tyre Recycling´s operator

Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd. has chosen Kuusakoski Oy as its recycling system operator for the contract period starting 1 January 2016. This is a five-year extension to the contract with an option for two extra years. The cooperation includes recycling, handling and reutilization of end-of-life tyres. Developing new reutilization solutions will present the biggest challenges in the future.

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31.03.2014 The pioneers came from the Nordic countries

The Nordic countries are forerunners in developing tyre recycling based on collective producer responsibility. By the turn of the millennium, the recovery rate of end-of-life tyres in Finland, Sweden and Norway had already been established at above 90 percent, whereas in Europe it was only 50 percent on average. In 2012, as much as 95 percent of used tyres were recovered in Europe (including EU27, Norway and Switzerland).

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