Seamless cooperation

The recycling system, organized by Finnish Tyre Recycling, is based on seamless cooperation with different parties. Tyre consumers do not have a recycling obligation, but responsible consumers look after their tyres with safety and the environment in mind.

Tyre recycling process actors:
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Tyre producers are responsible for organizing the recycling of the tyres they bring to the market either independently or by joining the producer association. The term tyre producer refers to the professional manufacturer, importer or retreader of tyres or of vehicles and equipment supplied with tyres.

Finnish Tyre Recycling is owned by Autonrengasliitto, Bridgetone Finland Oy, Continental Rengas Oy, Goodyear Dunlop Tires Finland Oy, Nokian Renkaat Oyj and Oy Suomen Michelin Ab.

Companies selling tyres as well as other companies handling tyres can become collection points of Finnish Tyre Recycling by signing a cooperation agreement. The tyre collection points accept end-of-life tyres without an obligation to purchase.

RengaspinotThe recycling operator, Kuusakoski Oy, is responsible for gathering the tyres, their further processing and passing them on for recovery. The tyres are gathered from the collection points to special local terminals for further processing and recovery.

New ways to utilize end-of-life tyres are actively being developed in cooperation with research centres and end-users. Finnish Tyre Recycling’s product development partners include Apila Group Oy and Laatuinsinöörit Oy.

The Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) is the authority supervising the implementation of the producer responsibility. It maintains a producer register and publishes recycling statistics annually of new and retreaded tyres brought to the market as well as of the collected tyres and tyres which are passed on for recovery.

Finnish Tyre Recycling is an active member of The Producer Associations’ Advisory Board (TYNK), which exercises the overall supervision of interests of the producer associations and promotes the cooperation between the players in the sector in all areas of producer responsibility.