Look after your tyres

Responsible consumers take care of their tyres with safety and the environment in mind. You can return your old tyres for recycling free of charge to any Finnish Tyre Recycling collection point without a purchase obligation. We will give your tyres a new life.

Choose your tyres wiselyrengasmerkinta-malli-214

It is time to replace your tyres when your old ones have become worn. There is a wide selection of car and van tyres of varying quality in different sizes and with different properties for sale. A professional tyre dealer can help you choose the most suitable tyres that meet your needs and suit your car.  

Tyres’ product development is always a compromise between different properties. In recent years, lowering the rolling resistance has become a core development goal. Tyres’ safety properties are also constantly improving; however, as a result compromises have been needed in durability.

New summer tyres and studless winter tyres must display the mandatory EU Tyre Label, which makes it easier to take into account the tyre’s fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise level. Car magazines’ tyre tests feature a variety of other factors which help people choose a tyre that meets their needs.

Drive and maintain responsiblyRengasriskit

You should take care of your tyres with safety and the environment in mind. Responsible drivers know their tyres’ properties and condition and adapt their driving speed to the prevailing weather conditions. Defensive driving may also reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The majority of the environmental impacts during the life cycle of a tyre take place while the tyre is in use. You should keep an eye on tyre pressure and tread depth on a monthly basis. When tyre pressure is even just 0.5-bar too low, fuel consumption increases by 3 per cent and the life span of the tyre reduces by up to 25 per cent.

Rotate the tyres during the driving season, if necessary, to ensure even wear. Tyres may also suffer from uneven wear due to incorrect balancing, the wrong steering angle or worn shock absorbers. Appropriate maintenance practices extend the safe lifespan of tyres noticeably.  

Return for recycling free of chargeKierrätyspiste

The recycling of new tyres is funded with a recycling fee collected in connection with the purchase of new tyres. You can return your old tyres for recycling free of charge to any Finnish Tyre Recycling collection point without a purchase obligation. Rim removal may be subject to a charge.

You will recognise the responsible collection points in our network from the Renkaat kiertoon sign.  You can easily find your nearest collection points on our map service using a postcode or your location. Alternatively, you can look up a list of your nearest collection points with their addresses.

The life cycle of a tyre continues even after it has fulfilled its original purpose. By law, car and van summer tyres must have a minimum of 1.6-mm tread depth, but the safety recommendation in wet weather is 4 mm. The minimum tread depth of winter tyres is 3 mm, but in demanding winter conditions, the recommended minimum depth is 5 mm.