Almost 100 per cent tyre recovery rate

Approximately 55,000 tonnes of tyres reach the end of their life in Finland annually. In practice, almost all tyres are collected and recovered by Finnish Tyre Recycling’s recycling system. 

Used tyre arisings and recovery in 2007–2018 (tonnes):

Tulosta Lataa CSV
Voit muokata taulukkoa ja tietojen esitysjärjestystä valitsemasi lajittelukriteerin mukaan. Sarakeotsikkoa klikkaamalla taulukon rivit asettuvat joko aakkosjärjestykseen tai kyseisen sarakkeen lukujen väliseen suuruusjärjestykseen. Takaisin taulukon alkuperäiseen muotoon pääset ”Palauta” –painikkeella.

The attached Excel sheet lists Finnish Tyre Recycling's recovery and reutilisation rates since 1996. The statistics are updated twice yearly.

Renkaat OlympiastadionillaThe recycling system has received approximately 940,000 tonnes of tyres in total. This enormous quantity can be put into perspective by measuring it against the size of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. The sporting venue would currently be in the process of being filled for the third time, if it was filled up to the Olympic Tower height.