Consumers active tyre recyclers

Finnish Tyre Recycling’s collection network has accepted 23,602 tonnes of end-of-life tyres in January to June this year, which is 14.9 per cent more than in the corresponding months last year. New tyre sales are also showing a positive trend; thus, it seems that drivers are investing in tyre safety despite the recession.

Tyre recycling is based on producer responsibility. “Tyre consumers do not have a recycling obligation, but responsible consumers look after their tyres with safety and the environment in mind. Particular attention should be given to the choice of tyres and their maintenance as well as defensive driving," says Managing Director Risto Tuominen of Finnish Tyre Recycling.

Look after your tyresRengasriskit

New summer and studless winter tyres must display the mandatory EU Tyre Label, which makes it easier to take into account the tyre’s fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise emission. Car magazine’s tyre tests feature a variety of other factors, which help people choose a tyre that meets their needs.

Tyres’ tread depth and tyre pressure should be regularly checked. Tyres may also suffer from uneven wear due to incorrect balancing, the wrong steering angle or worn shock absorbers. “Appropriate maintenance extends the safe lifespan of tyres noticeably,” Tuominen notes.

Return for recycling free of charge

The recycling of tyres is funded with a recycling fee collected in connection to the purchase of new tyres. You can return your old tyres for recycling free of charge to any Finnish Tyre Recycling collection point without a purchase obligation. You will find your nearest collection point using the search function on the Finnish Tyre Recycling website.

The life cycle of a tyre continues even after it has fulfilled its original purpose. By law, car and van summer tyres must have a minimum of 1.6-mm tread depth, but the safety recommendation in wet weather is 4 mm. The minimum tread depth of winter tyres is 3 mm, but in demanding winter conditions, the recommended minimum depth is 5 mm.

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